You deserve a website template that’s not going to collect dust at the back of your inbox

One that doesn’t have you pulling your hair out and questioning everything — hands up if you’ve been there? Yes I’m sheepishly raising my own hand…

Your template, and the process of launching it, should be a confidence-inspiring experience that helps you believe in your potential while showing your audience that you’re the real deal, because you totally are.

That’s why everything in the Wild Kind template shop is code-free, newbie-friendly, and completely customizable.

I can’t wait to see how you make your template your own.

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DIY-friendly, code-free Showit website templates to help you turn your leads into paying clients.

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Hi, I’m Rachel

I designed our templates to be an asset to your business journey,
not an added stress.

That’s why we focus on aesthetics and usability.

Designed by your squirrel brained business big sister, you have my word that I’ve poured every drop of my knowledge & experience working in the online space into these templates.

Partly because my ADHD wouldn’t allow me to create them any other way — but also because I want you to spend more time filling your cup and less time navigating labels and tabs on the back-end.

That’s why everything is Monica Geller-level organized, we use Showit, the world's friendliest website builder, and I’m here — for guidance, customization support, pep-talks, & to help you fix any mishaps.

We’re certified in Showit’s Design Market Standards with a 100% pass rate

(in non-designer terms, this means we really, really know what we’re doing. And we’re good at it!)

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“Rachel’s attention to detail and expansive knowledge on everything required to create a brand and a website is truly impressive.

Throughout the entire process I’ve been absolutely sure that Rachel is the passionate expert in her field that I’ve been searching for.”

Self-Love Coach

02 / 03

“I just had the most successful launch I’ve ever had, and it was largely thanks to all the work and support Rachel gave throughout.

Because of her I’ve totally fallen in love with my work and business again. I truly cannot recommend her enough”

Author, Speaker + Love Coach

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“Website design is definitely not my area of expertise, and Wild Kind were incredibly supportive... above and beyond what I expected.

With their guidance, the process was smooth and actually pleasant. I 100% recommend Wild Kind.”


Website templates for

Let your website be the thing that fuels your creativity, not drains you of it.

We believe that building your brand shouldn’t mean sacrificing your freedom. Wild Kind is where ambition meets balance, giving you the foundation you need to achieve more while doing less (or doing more of what really matters to you).

Check out the customer showcase to see
how our pro DIY-ers did it.

Finally, a website builder that’s *actually* easy to use

Our love letter to Showit, the website platform for ambitious business owners

If you’ve been in the online space 5-minutes or 5-years, you’ve probably heard of Showit. Everyone is singing the praises of this drag-and-drop, user friendly website platform. But why?

Here’s our answers and a few reasons why you’re going to love Showit as much as we do:

No code, just easy
peasy customization

Tech probably isn’t your language, and that’s okay! That’s why we’re here to build your framework and Showit will help you customize it with their super simple drag & drop system – perfect for the even the least techy people.

Fully responsive no matter
where you’re scrolling

Have you ever landed on a website (or worse, checked your own) that looks wildly different on your laptop compared to your phone? It’s not cute. But with Showit having your back, it’ll never happen.

Seo-friendly (like
*best friends* friendly)

Whether you’re focusing on SEO to grow your business, or just want to know it’s an option for you, Showit & Wild Kind have it covered. All our templates are SEO-friendly and Showit’s back-end makes optimization easy.

Is Wild Kind right for me?

Your mind’s probably pooling with questions around trust, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, support, and maybe, on this site, wow, why is this founder so involved in her template shop?

I know what it’s like making an important decision for your business —

The truth is, it’s because I care. I’m deeply connected to the entrepreneurial journey and all the wonderful, wacky things it throws your way. I know it’s not easy. But I also know it’s so worth it. And if I can use my expertise to alleviate your stress, curb your overwhelm, and stop you from burning out, I’m going to – there’s no question about it.

But, Wild Kind isn’t just about me. It’s about us — our community of ambitious business owners walking this journey together and learning from one another. I think you’re going to fit right in. But here’s how you’ll know for certain:

Wild Kind is right for you if:

You’re seeking a streamlined, straightforward alternative to your unloved, outdated website that doesn’t cost the bank or take 6 months

You’re done with pouring money into neglected or ineffective business solutions that still haven’t got you where you want to be 

You want one on one, genuine support
from the business you buy from

You’re ready for a website that represents you and the clients you want to attract

You want to empower yourself to oversee your website creation and prove you’re the talented, adaptable, business owner you know you are

You want a template that considers visuals, copy, and SEO as part of a
built-in, rock solid business strategy



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“Your template is exactly what I’ve been looking for! What you have created is so helpful and Showit is definitely easier to use than any other platform I’ve tried.”

Business Coach

02 / 03

“The whole process was really simple. The template saved me time, inspired my creativity and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it since publishing it!”

Self-Healing Coach

03 / 03

“I’ve received so many compliments — it was worth the investment! I am thrilled that my little “home” on the web is beautiful, functional, and speaks to my ideal client.”

Registered Dietitian

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