Doing it yourself has never felt more empowering, inspiring, or fun

We’re not saying that staying in, customizing your website, and sipping a chai latte will be the most fun you’ve ever had — but, it’ll give that party you reluctantly RSVP’d to a run for its money.


From $340


From $340

Meet the bestsellers

Easy to use website templates designed to give you more flexibility and freedom — so you can finally cross “launch your website” off your to-do list (like, for real this time).

You promised yourself you’d do this the right way — with the strategy, systems, and mindset you need to be successful online

& with Wild Kind, you can.

We help you build your foolproof foundation and support you throughout your journey.

Because at Wild Kind, we believe in more than just giving you the tools — we empower you to use them with confidence.



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“I am LOVING this template! This is such
a beautiful framework to create from. Updating my website was overwhelming until I used your template.”

Self-Healing Coach

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“I’ve received so many compliments — it was worth the investment!  I am thrilled that my little “home” on the web is beautiful, functional, and speaks to my ideal client.”

Registered Dietitian

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“If it wasn’t for your template, there would have been no way I would have been able to launch my new course. I would have spent weeks on my own… your template saved me!”

Business Coach

Hey, I’m Rachel

Your business big sister & founder of Wild Kind

Ever feel like you’re chasing shiny objects online, hoping one will finally stick and unlock your freedom? Yep, been there.

I spent years consuming conflicting advice and quick fixes, but instead of feeling empowered, it left me burnt out, overwhelmed and forgetting what truly mattered: building a sustainable business that aligned with my values.

Spoiler alert: the answer wasn’t in downloading the next course or chasing the latest trend. It was focusing on sustainable foundations, building systems that work with my mind, not against it, and believing I’d uncover my pathway to success that made all the difference.

That’s why I started Wild Kind; to be the support system I wish I had when I entered the online world. Now, I run a business that fuels my freedom and wellbeing, and I want to help you do the same.

I’m here to guide you in building a website that empowers you and supports your version of freedom — whatever that looks like for you.

Creating the life you want starts with building the website you need

Wild Kind templates are trusted by coaches, online service providers, ambitious creatives and more.
Here’s how our DIY-pros infused their personality into our Showit templates to make their online home their own. 

Doing more means believing more

That’s the approach we take to doing it yourself

While DIY-ing your website might not be at the top of your wish list — “I thought this business was about giving me freedom, not taking it away?”  — the confidence and freedom you’ll feel after is SO worth it.

Customization isn’t just the job of making your website look pretty and waving over your ideal clients to come admire it (although it 100% does that).
Customizing your online home is the ultimate empowering mindset activity to prove to yourself how capable you are.

Capable of doing hard things, moving like the big brands, and providing for your business

And that capability will turn into confidence — confidence that spreads across your business and life.

DIY is a gift, and we’re here to help you make the most out of it.

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Ever dream about ditching it all to go and live in a cottage in the woods (passive income in hand — obviously)? Or maybe your idea of freedom is sipping Aperol spritzes on a sun-drenched balcony in Italy.

Whatever your dream,
Wild Kind will get you there

Whatever your dream, Wild Kind will get you there

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