A few of my favorite

Business Tools


(Duh) Showit is my absolute favorite website platform. Its easy to use, drag + drop interface is perfect for creating an online home for your business even if tech isn’t your thing.


I recommend Flodesk to literally everyone looking for an email marketing platform. Easily create stunning emails and on-brand forms for your website in a matter of minutes.


Canva is a graphic design tool that helps you easily keep your brand looking consistent across all platforms. I use the Pro version but they have a free plan too.

My favorite sites for

Free Stock Images

I love these handy

Browser Extensions


Loom is our go-to for recording
all of our support tutorials.


Use this to create the perfect
screenshot of your website.

ADHD Reader

A tool to make it easy to read
faster — great for blog posts!


Use this to see what fonts and
colors are in use on a website.

A few of my top places for

Creative Inspiration

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From the blog

Hey down here — you’re intentional with your investments, just like me.

I’m Rachel, the founder and designer of Wild Kind. 

I’ve been doing this online business thing since 2019 and I’m still relentless about leading the way for ambitious business owners seeking more intentional, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Because the truth is, I’ve done it all. I’m not talking about the 20+ jobs on my CV, although they make me feel like I’ve *literally* done it all. I’ve walked every road of the online business journey.

Always in pursuit of more freedom; the freedom to build a career that fulfils me, take the time and space I need to protect my mental health, and embrace the joys of life whenever and however I choose to.

And now, the freedom to help others do the same.

So, what do you say, will you join me in discovering what freedom looks like to you & getting back to why you started your business?

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